Sunday, February 6, 2011

Now that's Genius!

Oh my goodness!! Oh freaking cool is this? I know its not the first time that there has been a pattern on women's bronzer and eye-shadow but something that resonates with every knitting dork?! Now that's genius!

Physician's formula Bronzer - starting a cable pattern, stockinette and garter stitch. How fabulous!
Revlon aint too far behind either - their eye shadows fashion the stockinette stitch in different orientations.

Another shot of the Revlon eye shadows. How very fancy!
And lets face it - these patterns are so pretty that they would appeal to anyone, even though they may not be into knitting simply because all our sweaters and knitted clothing use these patterns and stitches! So, anyone who has ever paid attention to the detail of their clothing would look at these and go, "Hey, those look pretty cool!" Again, brilliant marketing which is simply genius!